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Being Cynical Never Felt So Good

Cynical. The word itself sounds so…clinical. Like it’s a quantifiable form of behavior, even though there’s no specific unit of measurement for it. You can’t say, for example, “Wow, that person is so cynically overweight, her cynicism must be all the way up to 300 lbs. She needs to cut back on Fox News or […]

Resolutions and Accountability

We are a week into the new year and I still haven’t come up with any 2013 resolutions for myself. Seems like every time I ask anyone about their New Year’s resolutions, I get the same stock answer; “I don’t believe in resolutions,” which is just a cop out. Personally I do believe in resolutions. […]

A Photobomb Christmas

As I was going through my email this weekend, thinning out all the junk that my spam filter somehow misses, I came across a hilarious Huffington Post Comedy blog called 25 LOL-Worthy Holiday Photobombs. Basically, these are what would have been nice, even downright poignant or sweet family photos if some buffoon hadn’t jumped into […]

Emergency Room Antics

Sometimes the best made plans turn to a rancid pot of day old, unrefrigerated chowder faster than you can say, “Wait, what just happened here?” I was going to post a blog yesterday showing my Toastmasters World Semi-final performance for the 2012 Toastmasters International Speech Contest, when all of a sudden I found myself wasting […]

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