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Mother Bloggers – Episode 1

After months of preparation, taping, editing, more taping, more editing, it’s finally here. Remember back in June I posted a blog about auditioning for an Internet TV show on FirstRun.tv called Mommy Bloggers (which has since been renamed to Mother Bloggers)? And then I blogged about it again in September announcing that not only did […]

How to Write an Award Winning Speech

The other day I did a radio interview by phone about all the Toastmasters competitions I’ve done in the last year. Everything was going swimmingly until the interviewer said, “I think what our listeners really want to know is how to write an award winning speech.” I sat there dumbfounded and thought, Come on, does […]

Momsense by Any Other Name is Confusing

Sometimes when you poke around on the Web you find some pretty interesting stuff. For example, recently I discovered that there are five (count ‘em) five blogs with the word “momsense” in the title, and those are just the ones that come up on the first two pages of a Yahoo search! (Who knows how […]

My Run at FirstRun.tv

A few weeks ago I got the most interesting email from the producers of a new Internet TV website called FirstRun.tv. Turns out they’re looking for mommy bloggers for a new show they plan to produce and wanted me to apply. Here’s what the email said in part: “We are seeking six tenacious, entertaining, humorous […]

Two Lovely Illuminating Blog Awards

Last week Phillipa of the World on a Platter blog awarded me The Lovely Blog Award. An absolutely charming blog hosted by a mom and her two kids, World on a Platter chronicles food, journeys and growing up. Thank you so much, Phillipa, I really appreciate it, and look forward to following your blog. And […]

“Mercy Buckets” is French for Thank You

Hey gang, just a quick post to thank you all for two milestones that fell upon my blog this week. First off, yesterday my follower tally tipped the 500 mark! In fact, as I write this I think I have 507 followers. This rapid assent has wildly exceeded my expectations. When I started this blog […]

Blog Themes: It’s Like Trying on a New Dress

I figured it was time to work on a custom theme for my blog, because you know, I don’t have enough to do in the 15,000 things I need to get done in a week. Right now it’s 9:00 a.m. and I’m sitting at my computer still in my pajamas with a pile of laundry […]

Competition Comes in All Forms, But I Like Winning Blogging Awards Best

Yesterday I overheard two moms in the grocery store talking about the schools their kids had applied to and whether or not they thought they’d get in. I have to admit, my ears grew big on this one, since I have a junior in high school, and I know our family is destined to walk […]

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