Mr. Miner Pageant at Park City High

Mr. Miner
The official poster for the Mr. Miner Pageant

Wednesday night my 17-year-old son, Derrick, was a contestant in the Mr. Miner Pageant at Park City High.

Ah yes, every mother’s dream.

Let me explain. Mr. Miner is an annual Park City High event right around homecoming week. (The “miner” being the Park City High mascot.) The student body selects 10 senior boys (this year it was 11, for some reason) by popular vote to be contestants. The pageant is in the evening (so the entire community can come see it) and runs like a mock beauty contest for guys, but with a theme.

This year’s theme was super heroes. That means in addition to each contestant vogue-ing formal wear (i.e. suits, ties, tuxes, etc.), answering goofy “How-I-will-bring-about-world-peace” type questions, and performing a talent, they also had to “walk the runway” dressed as their favorite super hero (Derrick was Wolverine). This last part is in lieu of the ever-smarmy bathing suit competition seen in traditional female-oriented beauty contests (which always objectifies women—don’t even get me started).

I bring up this piece of Middle America high school horseplay because Derrick’s Mr. Miner talent performance unexpectedly morphed into an onstage, public snafu that would make most adults crumble into dust with embarrassment…and of course, I just had to share it with you all.

Mr. Miner Hits a Minor Key

Derrick’s talent for the Mr. Miner Pageant was (as you might guess) playing his sax with a jazz combo that he formed with his high school buddies Will Schumacher (on piano), Ben Stephens (on guitar), and Jack Weinrauch (on drums). They covered Maceo Parker’s funk song An Elephant Stepped on My Foot.

Mr. Miner
Maceo Parker: This is how Derrick looks on the inside when he plays his horn

But 30 seconds into their Mr. Miner performance their instruments just stopped working. The piano, guitar, and even the drums were electronic and somehow their power got cut off, which meant everything suddenly went silent. All except Derrick’s sax, which still had a mic that worked.

Turns out Derrick had unknowingly kicked a power cord loose while busting his funky moves. But nobody figured that out for a good minute until a tech guru (the real super hero) came downstage and took care of it.

That’s a long time to be onstage with everyone looking at you and nothing to do.

But instead of panicking, those kids, pro musicians that they are, improvised until the problem was fixed. The video of them is worth watching just to see how they get themselves out of an embarrassing pickle in front of hundreds people from their community, most of which are their classmates and families of their classmates. In fact their recovery was so smooth, some people thought the screw-up was part of the act. But I assure you it wasn’t. This is the stuff nightmares are made of for typical teens, or even adults—like that perpetual bad dream where you’re in front of a crowd and then look down only to find you’re completely naked.

But watch how these four kids pull it out of the dumper. I dare you not to be impressed. I’m so proud of each and every one of them, even though I gave birth only to the kid blowin’ the horn.

P.S. Derrick didn’t win the Mr. Miner Pageant. He didn’t even make Mr. Congeniality or a runner up. But that’s okay. Because this experience alone makes him and his musical buddies total winners.


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14 comments on Mr. Miner Pageant at Park City High

  1. That looked totally planned! Way to go, Derick! Next time I slip on the proverbial banana peel, I’m getting up and clapping!

    1. I know, Annette, it does look planned, but trust me, it wasn’t. They practiced at my house all Saturday afternoon the weekend before, so I knew how it was supposed to go. I held my breath when the power went out, and died of embarrassment for them, but they held it together flawlessly. We should all be so cool.

  2. That’s how your mates got your back! Derrick is adorable. He moves like a white guy, but his music is full of soul. Cool combo really.

    1. Being in a band is just like being in an improv group. You’re right, Dee, you will never fail if your mates have your back…just like in real life. 🙂

    1. No, the rap is an actual song written by someone else. He just improv-ed the horn solo at the beginning and in the middle of the song.

  3. They are just so adorably dorky, and they sure had my head nodding and my legs twitching. Loved the impro, especially when his mates started to join in and made it look like a totally planned solo. Big hands!!!

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head, Sandra; adorably dorky. That sums them up to a T. Nothing more dorky than white boys rapping.

      And yes, it was cool that the rest of the band supported Derrick when he tried to press on without the back-up of the band. If you watch carefully, the piano player took over leading the band when Derrick started playing his horn. Once the power came back on, the piano player counted them down and got the band back on track. Pretty cool.

  4. I know what you mean, Tina. Even as a performer myself, I know what it feels like to tank onstage and it takes a lot to pull your head together on the spur of the moment and deal with it. I couldn’t do that well into adulthood. And no matter how old you are when it happens, it’s still scary. I’m so proud of them!

  5. It’s clear that Derrick as put in his hours on stage. What a professional. Go Derrick!!!! (And my, my he’s lookin’ funky these days.)

  6. I am so impressed he was able to roll with it! Pretty sure would have busted out some hoedown moves, a la Ashley Simpson on SNL. Way to go, Derrick!

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