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Happy Life-Coming-at-Ya Day

Originally published on August 8, 2014, under the title “Koozie Worthy LIfe Events,” I’m reposting this because for some reason it wasn’t sent to all my followers. And of course, my followers follow because they don’t want to miss a single post! I apologize if you received this twice. (Please let me know if that […]

Koozie Worthy Life Events

I have reason to celebrate today. I just got the report that my mammogram came back normal. That might not be a big deal to you (especially if you’re a guy), but I’ve had some related health scares in the past, so it’s always a bit of a nail-biter when my annual “boob bash” rolls […]

Trophy Wife Wisdom

The other night I went to a summer soiree in Deer Valley with a friend. It was the kind of eclectic socio-economic shindig at which couples (ranging from ski bums to high tech CEO’s) get together and drink expensive wine that the hosts picked up while passing through the Rhone Valley on their way to […]

Sassypants Design

In my never-ending quest to avoid getting a real job, I have embarked upon yet another business venture that is fueled by my agile wit and pointed sense of humor. (Both of which have been discernible deterrents when it comes to relationships, especially those involving bosses that don’t appreciate a subordinate who graciously points out […]

Birthday Beauty Secrets Revealed

Recently I had a birthday. Birthdays, like annual mammograms, inevitably fall into the “good-news/bad-news” category. The great thing about having a birthday is that it means I’m not dead. The not-so-great thing about having a birthday is that it means I’m another year older, which if you look on the bright side circles back around […]

Easy Bake Oven Turns 50

It has just been brought to my attention that 2013 is the 50th anniversary of the Easy Bake Oven. Like Barbie, the Easy Bake Oven was one of those mid-20th century toys that EVERY little girl had to get. At about age eight, I decided I wanted one, too, but being that my parents were […]

Jousting With the Universe

If I could script my life the way I’ve penned my screenplays I’d live in a little bungalow somewhere on the west coast, right on the beach, anywhere between Del Mar and Carmel (I’m not picky). I’d be paid a boatload of money to write funny novels that big studios would then turn into blockbuster […]

My Brush With Playboy

Few people know that way, way back in the day I was asked to pose for Playboy. Um, well. Sort of… When I was in my early 20’s doing standup comedy, a talent scout for Playboy magazine came by the Comedy Store one evening and after a show asked some of the female comics if […]

Online Dating Becomes Sponge-worthy

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, in the past I’ve been commissioned by a couple of matchmaking websites to write about the hilarity that ensues in the world of online dating. I wrote a few funny articles on the subject (from an outsider’s perspective), but when it came down to actually signing up and […]

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