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Making Change

For someone who doesn’t make a living going on the road anymore, I sure have traveled a lot in the last 18 months. And with airlines cutting back, plane changes have become as common as bus stops. I’ve spent more time in airports lately waiting for connecting flights than I have at the gym. A […]

Airport Adventures

Okay, so I’m finally back after drifting around the Caribbean like a tattered message in a bottle. The journey home was long and stupid, given it took me two days, four plane changes, and one boat ride, all sandwiched around a 10-hour car rental in Miami and an overnight stay in the seediest airport hotel […]

Jousting With the Universe

If I could script my life the way I’ve penned my screenplays I’d live in a little bungalow somewhere on the west coast, right on the beach, anywhere between Del Mar and Carmel (I’m not picky). I’d be paid a boatload of money to write funny novels that big studios would then turn into blockbuster […]

Camp Humble

I, like every mom and dad I know, got into parenting for one reason; the money. No, wait. That’s why I got into junk bonds. (And look how well THAT turned out.) Now why did I get into parenting again? Oh yeah, for the rewards. Not the monetary kind, mind you, but the kind you […]

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