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How to Make a Fabulous Martini

In recent years after several life milestones rudely bitch-slapped me in the face, the Martini and I have enjoyed each other’s company more now that we ever did back in my 20’s when vodka tasted (to me) like Listerine gone bad. And gin was something you used to clean the bathtub. Is there anyone out there who really knows how to make a fabulous Martini?

Jousting With the Universe

If I could script my life the way I’ve penned my screenplays I’d live in a little bungalow somewhere on the west coast, right on the beach, anywhere between Del Mar and Carmel (I’m not picky). I’d be paid a boatload of money to write funny novels that big studios would then turn into blockbuster […]

Pee Pants to the Rescue

As a mom I’ve often had to stop for frequent bathroom breaks on long family car trips…usually because of me. Having two sons it’s always irked me that if they have to go to the bathroom after we’ve embarked on that long ribbon of highway, all we have to do is pull off at the […]

Moms From A to Zed

I just read my good friend Susie’s latest blog post, Guilt, the Gift that Keeps on Giving, over at Not Your Average Mom, and I must say I can totally relate. I’ve included a direct link to the post at the end of this post, but in nutshell, Susie spaced on going to her seven-year-old’s […]

A Photobomb Christmas

As I was going through my email this weekend, thinning out all the junk that my spam filter somehow misses, I came across a hilarious Huffington Post Comedy blog called 25 LOL-Worthy Holiday Photobombs. Basically, these are what would have been nice, even downright poignant or sweet family photos if some buffoon hadn’t jumped into […]

I Used to Be Cool

I was folding clothes the other day when I objectively looked at a pair of my sensible, Spandex, industrial-strength underwear and thought, Ew, yuck. These are NOT cool. These are so UNCOOL they make Betty White draped in a gansta hoodie and pajama jeans look cool. No way would you ever see these lame-o granny […]

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