Month: April 2012

Passion Makes Perfect

The UPS guy just dropped off a package, but I had to go outside to chat with him because there was a tenor sax and a bassoon wailing in the house. Actually, the latter was a tromboon, called such become my son took the mouthpiece and reed from his bassoon, stuck it in his trombone […]

Blog Themes: It’s Like Trying on a New Dress

I figured it was time to work on a custom theme for my blog, because you know, I don’t have enough to do in the 15,000 things I need to get done in a week. Right now it’s 9:00 a.m. and I’m sitting at my computer still in my pajamas with a pile of laundry […]

The ABCs of Being Versatile

I just read an article about how women tend to stretch themselves too thin—metaphorically speaking, that is. If all it took to be thin was to stretch ourselves then there’d be a run on those Medieval torture racks. I mean honestly, how painful can it be compared to a Brazilian bikini wax? Eager to see […]

How I Got Rich Off Publishers Weekly

I’m the first to admit everyone makes mistakes. Even me. Okay, especially me. But nothing prepared me for the online confusion that surrounded my big news last week. A week ago Monday (on April 10) my book Confessions of a Band Geek Mom got a great review by Publishers Weekly. And by the way (quick […]

Babysitter Confidential

Babysitters are a fact of life for parents. Even though you may think when you bring junior home from the hospital that you’ll never want to part with him, the truth is by week three, you’re arguing with your spouse about who gets to go to the grocery store. Nothing says, “You need to get […]

Camp Humble

I, like every mom and dad I know, got into parenting for one reason; the money. No, wait. That’s why I got into junk bonds. (And look how well THAT turned out.) Now why did I get into parenting again? Oh yeah, for the rewards. Not the monetary kind, mind you, but the kind you […]

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