Month: March 2012

Practicing Safe Computing

One day not long ago I switched on my computer and a strange thing happened. Instead of greeting me in its usual happy manner it displayed the blue screen of death. You know, the one in which it’s filled with so many undecipherable error messages it looks like a hexadecimal bulimic purge after a big […]

Toastmasters Will Save My Memory (Unless I Forget to Go to Meetings)

Well, the Toastmasters International Speech Competition for Area D3 in Utah just happened this past Saturday, March 24, at Olympic Park in Park City, UT, and lo and behold I won. I took first place with my speech “Wynton Marsalis Had My Back,” a poignant, yet humorous account of when my saxophone-playing son got to […]

Competition Comes in All Forms, But I Like Winning Blogging Awards Best

Yesterday I overheard two moms in the grocery store talking about the schools their kids had applied to and whether or not they thought they’d get in. I have to admit, my ears grew big on this one, since I have a junior in high school, and I know our family is destined to walk […]


Here’s wonderful post from the blog Defining Motherhood about what it’s really like for a working mom (isn’t that an oxymoron?) to “have it all.” If you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning, you know that I was a stand-up comic in Southern California who thought she could juggle career and kids effortlessly. I […]

Everyone’s a Critic (Especially My Kids)

As a comedian and author one of the things that I get asked a lot is how I handle a bad review. Well, it depends. If I’m onstage at a comedy club and a heckler starts slinging his Bud Light-induced opinions at me it’s pretty easy to verbally bitch-slap him back down to size. Usually […]

My Win at Toastmasters (Or Why I Prefer Toastmasters Over Smokey Bars)

I have a bit of good news to share. Recently I won the Toastmasters International Speech Contest at the Park City, UT, Club level, which means I go on to complete at the Area level on March 24. Then if I win there I’ll compete in (and have to win) four more increasingly BIGGER levels […]

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